PMTK members stage peace rally, denounce illegal occupation of NHA housing by KADAMAY

    Around 1,500 members of Pamayanang Tungo Sa Kaayusan (PMTK) who are former members of KADAMAY staged a peaceful rally at Pandi 2-Atlantica Residences’ Covered Court, Barangay Mapulang Lupa, Pandi, Bulacan at 6:00 o’clock in the morning on September 8, 2019.

    The members of PMTK started their 2-kilometer peace rally from the National Housing Authority (NHA) housing project intended for BJMP and BFP personnel at Brgy. Mapulang Lupa towards Pandi 2-Atlantica Residences in the same barangay.

    The PMTK protestors denounced the KADAMAY illegal occupation of NHA housing units, illegal fees being collected and the recruitment of CPP, NPA among the members of KADAMAY.

    KADAMAY is a left-leaning group that claims to represent the largest alliance of urban poor organizations in the Philippines.

    In March 2017, members of KADAMAY occupied different housing projects of NHA in Pandi, Bulacan. Currently, there are still around 700 KADAMAY illegal occupants in six NHA housing projects in said town.

    Jeffrey Ariz, a former KADAMAY leader who now leads PMTK, is one of the original KADAMAY members who occupied the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) housing project in Brgy. Mapulang Lupa.

    In one of his statements, he said that he broke away from KADAMAY due to the corruption happening in the group committed by its top leadership, and that KADAMAY is being used as recruitment tool of the CPP-NPA to bolster their ranks.

    “It is masquerading as a group carrying out long term struggle for eradication of poverty and for a just, free and prosperous society. But in truth, it is a front of the NPA tasked to agitate, organize and mobilize people against the government,” added Ariz.

    Major General Lenard T. Agustin, the 7ID Commander, said that he commiserates with our countrymen who do not have much in life and yet were victimized by masquerading group KADAMAY falling prey to the ulterior motives of said group.

    “Kaming mga sundalo ay naiintindihan ang sitwasyun ng ating mga kababayang walang sariling bahay, kagaya ng mga miyembro ng KADAMAY, dahil marami rin sa aming hanay ang wala pa ding sariling bahay. Ang aking panawagan lamang sa mga naengganyo sa matatamis na pangako ng grupong KADAMAY, ay ating suriin kung tayo ba ay nasa tamang posisyon, o tayo ba ay ginagamit lamang ng nasabing grupo upang hindi tayo mapariwara sa dulo,” added Major General Agustin.

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