My role as Command Sergeant Major is to serve as the Commander’s personal adviser on all enlisted‐related matters, particularly in areas affecting Soldier performance, training and quality of life. Assist the Commander in the implementation of policies and standards, pertaining to career development, performance, training, appearance, morale & welfare and conduct of enlisted personnel in the Command; formulate plans and programs to empower NCOs; to represent all EP in official undertakings; to serve as point of contact for other stakeholders relative to activities, community services and other obligation of all EP. In connection with this, I will devote majority of my time in roaming to observe performance, training, and give pep talks to enlisted soldiers and their families.
    As new Division Sergeant Major, I am proud and I take pride that this position was entrusted to me. I have still a lot to learn. Particularly, the challenge that may entails in this position. But I am willing to learn in order to perform my duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently to address your issues and concerns.
    My plans and programs include the conduct of lectures on Chain of Command and NCO Support Channel, Role of NCOs in relation to ATR, Decentralized Management of NCO, Military Courtesy, Standard and Discipline and AFP Professionalism. I will also propose the amendment of the Kaugnay Death Financial Assistance and rehabilitation of the 7ID Multi-Purpose Cooperative so that our morale and welfare will be more enhanced.
    However, these plans and programs will not be possible without the support of our Commander, as well as with the cooperation of all NCOs and every individual soldier of the Command. Full utilization of the NCO ranks is paramount. I implore each and every one to help me to empower and encourage the less experience subordinates to be more participative in management of the affairs of the organization. We must learn to absorb and accept responsibility to ensure successful accomplishment of mission.