The Rising Sun signifies liberty, with seven rays representing the seven provinces - Bulacan, Bataan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Tarlac, Zambales and Aurora.

    Mt. Arayat is the most prominent landmark in the central plain of Luzon.

    Radiating grids from the base denote rice paddies which cover most areas of Central Luzon being the rice granary of the Philippines.

    Superimposed are the number “7” and a banner underneath with the Tagalog word “Kaugnay” which means that the 7th Infantry Division’s mission is interlinked with the people’s aspirations and partnership in nation-building.




    The 7th Infantry Division’s treasured past can be traced with the activation of the 3rd Infantry Brigade (S), Philippine Army stationed at Camp Servillano Aquino, Tarlac. The 3rd Infantry Brigade separate was activated on January 14, 1987 pursuant to General Order’s NR 90, General Headquarters, Armed Forces of the Philippines. The 14th Infantry Battalion, 60th Infantry Battalion, 3rd Regional Community Defense Unit, Army Station Hospital, and Charlie Battery, 3rd Field Artillery Battalion, all organic units of the 5th Infantry Division, formed the nucleus of the unit.

    The 3rd Infantry Brigade (S), under the leadership of then COL GUILLERMO G FLORES PA, was subsequently placed under the Operational Control (OPCON) of the Regional Unified Command 3. Its task was to spearhead counter-insurgency operations in Central Luzon.

    On August 1, 1988 the 3rd Infantry Brigade (S) was upgraded to become the 7th Infantry Division, Philippine Army pursuant to General Orders number 471, General Headquarters, Armed Forces of the Philippines with BRIGADIER GENERAL GUILLERMO G FLORES AFP as the designated first Division Commander.

    Per directive from Headquarters, Philippine Army, the 7th Infantry Division transferred its headquarters, which during that time stationed at Camp Servillano Aquino, Tarlac, to Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija on 22 November 1988.

    Consequently, the area of responsibility (AOR) of the Division then covered the seven (7) provinces, seven (7) cities, 146 municipalities and 3,857 barangays in Region III except Bulacan. It also included the province of Pangasinan, the municipality of Alfonso Castañeda in Nueva Vizcaya, and the municipality of Dinapigue in Isabela.

    7ID later absorbed 24IB, 56IB, 60IB, and eventually 68IB, 70IB, 71IB, 72IB, and 73IB, respectively. The Division was then organized with three (3) Tactical Infantry Brigades and nine (9) Infantry Battalions with corresponding Combat Support and Combat Service Support Units.

    As the designated Rapid Deployment Division of the Philippine Army, 7ID forces were expected to move on short notice to restore order in troubled areas. On 01 September 1996, 701st Infantry Brigade, along with 60IB, 72IB, and 73IB were re-deployed to Davao Region and subsequently placed OPCON to 4th Infantry (Diamond) Division. On 16 January 2004, the 701st Infantry (KAGITINGAN) Brigade was further absorbed by 4th Infantry (Division) pursuant to Section 1, General Order Nr 49, Headquarters Philippine Army and renamed into 404th Infantry (PAG-ASA) Brigade pursuant to Section II, General Order Nr 49, Headquarters Philippine Army. Meantime, 702nd and 703rd Infantry Brigades remained deployed in Central Luzon.

    The 68IB stationed in Naujan, Oriental Mindoro was placed under the operational control of 2ID which was further absorbed by the latter. But then, it was replaced by the 48IB from 5ID and 3IB from 6ID, both became organic units to 7th Infantry (KAUGNAY) Division.

    In 2007, 48IB underwent the battalion retraining, after which it was redeployed to Metro Manila to conduct security operations, while 69IB took over Aurora Province to be part of its area of operations as a result of pullout of the former.

    On 12 August 2008, 69IB was designated as the Ready Deployable Battalion particularly in Mindanao and later placed OPCON to 6ID and subsequently deployed at Brgy Paatan, Kabacan, North Cotabato. Then on 10 Aug 2009, the battalion was transferred to Davao del Norte and was further placed OPCON to 10ID.

    With the redeployment of 69IB to Mindanao and 48IB was pulled-out from Metro Manila and took over the areas vacated by the former to include the province of Aurora. It paved the way for the reactivation of 701st Infantry (KAGITINGAN) Brigade on 15 September 2008 pursuant to General Orders Nr 441, HPA dated 26 August 2008 that further led for the Division to implement rationalization of area delineation to its three (3) tactical Infantry Brigades with respect to its new Area of Responsibility to effectively address threats posed by the CNN.

    In May 2009, to enhance the conduct of Internal Peace and Security Operations against the CNN, the division organized the 81ST Infantry (SPARTAN) Battalion which was created from the two division reconnaissance companies, the 71st and 73rd Division Reconnaissance Companies, respectively.

    The division was again required by higher headquarters to prepare one (1) Infantry Battalion for deployment in Mindanao with 71IB as the designated unit for such directive. It underwent Battalion of Excellence (BOE) Training prior its movement to Compostela Valley and placed OPCON to 10th Infantry Division effective 14 May 2010. Meanwhile, the newly activated 84IB, which was recently designated as a Multi-Role Force, was also redeployed in Davao City on that same month.

    On 02 October 2010, the 701st Infantry Brigade was redeployed from San Jose, Tarlac to Marundon, Mati, Davao Oriental and then placed OPCON to 10th Infantry Division. It was then directed to provide Command and Control to Infantry Battalions organic to 10th Infantry Division (AGUILA) Division for the conduct of ISO.

    In 2011, with the realignment of operational boundaries between the 5ID and 7ID pursuant to NOLCOM Operational Directive 01-11, the latter extended its Area of Responsibility (AOR) and took over the whole of Ilocos Region except the municipalities of San Emilio, Cervantes and Quirino, all of Ilocos Sur.

    In 2012, there was realignment of AOR between 702Bde and 703Bde, as well as its battalions, to effectively address the prevailing threat situation vis-à-vis troops deployment. Moreover, Task Force “Bantay TPLEX” was activated by H7ID on 16 December 2012 to secure the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX) Projects from the threats posed by the communist terrorist and other lawless elements to ensure the unimpeded and undisputed construction of the Government Flagship Project.

    On 15 June 2013, the Command initiated the rotation of Area of Operations between 48IB, which was then placed OPCON to 702Bde and deployed in the Provinces of Aurora, Quirino, municipalities of Pantabangan, Rizal, Bongabon, Gabaldon and Laur all of Nueva Ecija; Alfonso Castañeda of Nueva Vizcaya and Dinapigue of Isabela for almost two and a half (2 ½) years; and 56IB, which was then placed OPCON to 703Bde and deployed in the provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga, 4TH District of Nueva Ecija and Sitio Tumbil (Angat Dam Inlet Detachment), Brgy Umiray, Gen. Nakar, Quezon for almost twelve (12) years.

    On 30 June 2014, the Command made another rationalization of unit’s boundaries, wherein 702Bde assumed the IPSO responsibility over the provinces of Zambales, Bataan, Tarlac, Pampanga, 1st to 5th Districts of Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur (except Municipalities of San Emilio, Cervantes and Quirino which is part of 5ID); while 703Bde assumed IPSO responsibility over the Provinces of Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Aurora, Quirino, Nueva Vizcaya (except Municipalities of Ambaguio, Bagabag and Villaverde which is part of JTF IFUGAO), 6th District of Pangasinan; Dinapigue of Isabela; and Brgy Umiray of General Nakar, Quezon in order to exploit and continue the successes of the implementation of NOLCOM Campaign Plan.

    On 10 February 2015, with the deployment of one (1) Infantry Brigade and two (2) Infantry Battalions of 5ID to Mindanao, the Command once again extended its AOR to assume areas in Northern Luzon, in particular the Municipalities of Cervantes, Quirino and San Emilio all of Ilocos Sur and the municipality of Tubo, Abra.

    On 15 February 2015, the 3RD Infantry Battalion under the 7ID which are deployed in Mindanao were subsequently placed under Administrative Control (ADCON) to 701st Infantry Brigade to facilitate their administrative requirements and other logistical support.

    On 27 September 2015, the Division assumed operational jurisdiction over the province of Abra pursuant to NOLCOM’s Campaign Plan “BAYANIHAN - NOLCOM II-K”.

    Based on NOLCOM’s Frag-O 01-2016 to Campaign Plan “BAYANIHAN-NOLCOM II-K” which took effect 08 February 2016, requires 7ID to relinquish its operational jurisdiction over Quirino Province, municipality of Dinapigue, Isabela and the municipalities of Ambaguio, Diadi, Solano, Bagabag, Quezon, Bayombong, Bamban, and Villaverde, all of Nueva Vizcaya to 5ID.

    With the priority in national security thrust against the Abu Sayaff in ZAMBASULTA, 69IB was redeployed to the province of Sulu on 24 August 2016 to support the offensive military operations conducted by the Joint Task Force Sulu as directed by the Higher Headquarters.

    In Mindanao-based units, 701st Infantry Brigade with 3rd Infantry Battalion and 71st Infantry Battalion are deployed in Davao Region. They are all placed OPCON to Eastern Mindanao Command. While 69th Infantry Battalion is deployed in and is placed OPCON to Western Mindanao Command.

    On 05 February 2018, the 69TH Infantry (COUGAR) Battalion previously stationed in Sulu province was deployed back to Luzon and was welcomed at 7 Infantry (Kaugnay) Division last 05 February 2018. It is now stationed at Camp Kapitan Berong, Cavite, Guimba, Nueva Ecija confronting LGP1 and parts of KLG Caraballo, all under CLRC.

    On 20 February 2017, 56th Infantry (TATAG) Battalion was deployed at Talaingod, Davao Del Norte. Tatag troopers are now serving Mindanaons after being deployed in Luzon for many years. They are currently stationed at Brgy Sto Niño, Talaingod, Davao del Norte OPCON to 701Bde.

    The 91st Infantry (SINAGTALA) Battalion was activated on December 4, 2017 and it was deployed at Camp Jaime Bitong, Barangay Calabuanan, Baler, Aurora. They are currently conducting Internal Security within the whole province of Aurora and boundaries with Nueva Ecija, Quirino and Nueva Vizcaya.

    For the significant accomplishments, the 7th Infantry Division has been successful in weakening insurgency in NOLCOM AO especially within Central Luzon. With the Central Luzon Regional Committee (CLRC) as its main threat confronted, 7ID has been instrumental in weakening its manpower and firepower.
    From a total number of almost 600 members composing seven Provincial Committees after its activation, the CLRC manpower has been diminished up to only more than 100 members. This has degraded CLRC up to only three (3) KLGs and one (1) LGP as recently.
    Significant to these are the surrender of CTL Felisisimo Jacobe @KA TONYO/BERNIE and subsequent recovery of seventeen (17) HPFAS and three (3) LPFAS in two (2) arms caches that led to the eventual dissolution of SPP PAMPANGA during the 1st quarter 2010. Another is the apprehension of CTL Rosemarie Susan Zepeda Buergo @KA IRENE SANCHEZ/CITA/CINDY, a CLRC EXECOM member and secretary of dissipated SPP PAMPANGA which gave a clearer view on the distinctive modification in the organization of the CLRC.
    With that accomplishments, 7ID is substantial in the peace development of Central Luzon and its peripheries. Significant to this are the declaration of provinces as Insurgency Free and Peaceful and ready for development.
    Provinces that were declared Insurgency free are Pampanga, La Union and Bataan while Ilocos Sur, Nueva Ecija, Zambales, Bulacan, Aurora, Tarlac, Ilocos Norte and Pangasinan were considered Peaceful and Ready for Further Development (PRFD) areas. The only province within the AO with remaining insurgency is the Province of Abra. However, efforts are still on progress to ensure that said province will become internally secured.